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Launching Marshmallow Toys!

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As a mother of two children aged 8 and 6, I strive to do what is best for them. I send them to the best schools possible, have the best tutors train my children and most importantly, even though I am a working mother, I spend quality time with my children everyday.

Something that we parents know all too well is the importance of play in our children's life. As I looked for games and toys in Manila, I quickly found that all the leading toy stores focus on selling action figures, barbie like toys, Disney, Marvel and a whole host of electronic toys and games which I believe really don't add aid in my children's development. I couldn't really find any high quality toys, board games or educational games in Manila. Don't get me wrong, there were some. It was just that they really were not the best. Why would I not want my children to have the very best? Do we all not want the best for our children?

When I tried to search for games on, they were just way too many and the cost of international shipping and import taxes was prohibitively expensive, sometimes running as high as 300% of the cost of a game.

About 6 months ago, I took action towards bringing world class toys to my children and teamed with child development experts. Together we started Marshmallow Toys! Painstakingly, we prepared a proprietary database of over 20,000 toys and games to select the very best ones from across the world and bring them to the Philippines.

So here it is - Marshmallow Toys! Our mission is to bring world class toys and games to the Philippines.

My Children love the games and I invite you all to browse our collection at:

Want to know why we are called Marshmallow? Read here to learn about our inspiration - the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment conducted in the 1960's.

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