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Curated educational & developmental games from all around the world now in

the Philippines!


Parents, grandparents and most importantly, children, love us!

Jessy, Bulacan

My daughter loves marshmallow toys. Aside from playing, these educational toys help children learn analytical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, among others. My daughter loves zingo, math dice and mermaid island. Would love to try other games too. Kudos to your team in helping children's development through educational toys.

Estelle, Tiendesitas, Metro Manila

I looooved their selection of games. They're great for kids, but also fun for adults too! And this is the first time I've seen these games in the Philippines! More power Marshmallow Toys!


Emily, Ortigas, Metro Manila

Ollie LOVES the bunny game. He keeps asking to play "a bunny, a bunny," and he loves making the choices for each part of the nighttime routine and putting the puzzle pieces in the holes. 




52  Whitefield Street, Whiteplains, Quezon City, Metro Manila


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